DO Safety First

Behavioural Safety Training

preventing an accident or injury from occurring

Behavioural Safety Training

The goal of our behavioural based Safety System is to influence employees behaviour toward safer outcomes, ideally by preventing an accident or injury from occurring. The most comprehensive strategy for businesses to promote safety, minimize hazards, and prevent injuries is to implement a behaviour-based safety program.

When properly implemented, DO Safety First behaviour-based safety programs can give positive reinforcement for changing risk behaviours, reducing work-related injuries, reducing lost productivity hours, and improving workplace morale—all of which are necessary elements for establishing a strong safety culture. Because our acts or omissions —that is, our behaviour—account for up to 80% of all accidents, Behaviour-based safety is important. We have a lot of power over our own safety. Most occurrences are caused by risky conduct rather than unsafe conditions.

Memorable & meaningful training

DO Safety First and our Training partners aim is to equip you so you can recognize and avoid potentially dangerous behaviours and actions while at work. The goal is to provide memorable and meaningful training through quality engagement with colleagues.

NEBOSH and IOSH accredited training

Through our training partners DO Safety First are able to offer you access to NEBOSH and IOSH accredited training.
We are also able to link you to a comprehensive list of both on-line and face to face basic training for day to day activities such as Manual Handling, Face-Fit Testing to Fire Safety Training.