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Incident & Accident Investigations

critical investigation work must be conducted

Incident & Accident Investigations

Accidents do unfortunately occur. They do not, however, need to be repeated. Our technical and clinical professionals at DO Safety First collaborate with you to investigate what went wrong and why, so we can help you develop strategies, processes, and safeguards to prevent repeat occurrences.
Staff members’ actions after an accident must focus on restoring safety and continuing normal operations, but the critical investigation work must be conducted, promptly, thoroughly, and according to best practices.

The Incident and Accident Investigation services offered by DO Safety First uses experience and expertise to perform an objective, detailed inquiry to unearth and document facts and put your operation on the right track.
The purpose of a workplace accident investigation is to determine the cause(s) of an accident and to identify any health and safety management system deficiencies. It enables for the implementation of preventative actions and the revision of management procedures to avoid recurrence.

Workplace accident investigation reports can also be utilized to defend an organization in court, as they demonstrate what is being done to actively try to prevent reoccurrences.

Key Steps: