DO Safety First

Safety Management System

eliminating workplace dangers

Safety Management System

In the UK, and the world for that fact, a thorough, proactive Health and Safety Management system is one of the most effective approaches to preventing workplace dangers and injuries. DO Safety First Health and Safety Management system is a proactive, collaborative approach for identifying and eliminating workplace dangers before they cause injury or illness.

Implementing health and safety management systems has several advantages, including protecting workers, saving resources, and improving the effectiveness of all your hazard-specific initiatives. Prioritizing your workforce’s safety reaps significant additional advantages in terms of increased productivity and work quality

Our system is easy to navigate, we simply apply the Plan, Do, Check, Act process.
Safety is simple, good culture helps you apply it.


Assess the current state and look for improvements. If a problem exists, examine it in detail. Develop possible solutions and means of execution. In this phase, gather as much information as possible to make informed decisions about how to proceed.


Try out the plans, making sure everyone involved understands the changes. This implementation phase is key to getting accurate results.


Follow up to see how effective the changes are. Spend some time comparing the new state to how things were previously.


If the changes work, continue using them and make them the new standard. This will be the new point of reference for future PDCA efforts.