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Temporary Works Coordination

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Temporary Works Coordination

It is very important that the same degree of care and attention is given to the design and construction of temporary works (TW) as to the design and construction of the permanent works. As TW may be in place for only a short while there is a tendency to assume they are less important. This is incorrect. Lack of care with design, selection, assembly, etc leaves TW liable to fail or collapse. This places people at risk of injury and can cause the project to be delayed.

DO Safety First are able to offer a comprehensive Site Support service. All aspects of Temporary Works have to be designed, installed and maintained to British Standards (BS5975:2008+A1:2011).

Project Specific

We can provide a Temporary Works Co-Ordinator (TWC) for the duration of a specific project, the hours a TWC is required are project specific and are therefore flexible. We will always aim to supply a trained and competent member of staff to meet your needs in the most cost-effective way.